Pas.tu in Persian (Farsi) means; "a cozy tiny spot hidden in the far end of your desired spot which holds all treasures and special memories."

Quintessentially laid back Balboa Island got a sophisticated, refined resident in June 2005 that has added a flair of culture to this coastal oasis.The new neighbor is Pas.Tu, a romantic, fine dining French-Mediterranean restaurant serving French food, Mediterranean food, Italian food, Greek food and Int'l Cuisine.

Mahsa Maali

The light spectacular lures you into an intimate, narrow space with about a dozen tables covered in white linen and waiters in formal attire, while candle lit sconces and hurrican lanterns perched on an aged brick wall set the mood. It is no surprise to find out that owner Mahsa Maali is a former New York restauranteur.

There is an urban feel here deep in beachy suburbia and Mahsa made the most of the small space, as every New Yorker learns to do. Mahsa keeps the cuisine authentic with her native influence, she works very closely with her French chef francois leiutaud and always in search of new flavors to bring out perfection.

Our wine collection (Californian, French, Italian, Australian and Arjantinian wines) specially hand picked for your dining and tasting pleasure. The real treat is Friday and Saturday specials, which we really come up with incredibly flavorful dishes...

Sophisticated Fare on laid-back Balboa Island - Coast Magazine, Coast Cuisine article. [Click here to review article]

Fine Dining Newport Beach, CA
Due to immense popularity of Pas.Tu, reservations are strongly recommended.

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Restaurant Hours -

DINNER:  Monday - Thursday: 4:30pm - 9:00pm

               Friday - Saturday: Noon - 9:30pm
               Sunday: Closed